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Thank you for your support of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). Your gifts have an important impact on our teaching, research and Extension efforts and programs. To make your gift, please click on "Choose a fund" for a list of a few of the areas in the College donors can choose. If you do not see the account listed that you would like to support, please select "Other" at the bottom of the page, then write in the name of the fund or endowment.
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Selected Funds
Name Amount Percentage
Aquaculture Enhancement Fund
Barbara and George Blum Scholarship Endowment
Biological and Agricultural Engineering Enrichment Fund
Jane P. and Charles W. Suggs Scholarship Endowment
Biological & Ag Engineering Endowment for Excellence
Elijah J. Tyson Scholarship Endowment
Dorothy S. & Eustace O. Beasley Biological & Agricultural Engineering Scholarship Endowment
F. J. Hassler Graduate Fellowship Endowment
Henry D. Bowen Endowment
J.C. & Nancy Ferguson Endowment
James A. DeShazer Enhancement Endowment
Losordo Family Aquaculture Award Endowment in Memory of Frank, Ruth & Ken Losordo
North Carolina Section, American Society of Agricultural Engineers Endowed Scholarship
North Carolina Section, ASABE Student Activities Endowment
NCSU Feed Science Scholarship
NCSU Pack Pullers Quarter Scale Tractor Fund
Robert O. Evans Graduate Endowment for Excellence in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Robert W. Bottcher Memorial Biological & Agricultural Engineering Endowment
Ronald E. Sneed NC Irrigation Society Scholarship Endowment
Wayne and Judy Skaggs Endowment for Water Resources & Hydrology
William & Glenda Johnson Graduate Engineering Fellowship Stipend Endowment
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JCRA is turning 40 in 2016!

Join us in celebrating our 40th anniversary with a sustaining gift of $40 a month. North Carolina is growing and so are we! Your gift helps us inspire our ever growing community of gardeners.

To begin your gift now insert $40 in the "Amount" box and choose "I would like to make this a Sustaining Gift".

Thank you for your generous support of the JC Raulston Arboretum.

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