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    Donate at one of the Friends of the Lied levels shown below, or support the Lied Center with a gift of your choice. For more details on benefits associated with levels of individual giving, please visit the Friends of the Lied website or call 785-864-2788.

    $2,500+   Fellow


    The Lied Center of Kansas partners with KU Endowment, the official fundraising foundation for the University of Kansas, to process donations and membership payments. KU Endowment applies 100% of every gift to the donor's specified purpose, so please be assured that your gift, in its entirety, will benefit the Lied Center of Kansas.

    Questions about becoming a Friend of the Lied? Contact 785-864-2788 or visit lied.ku.edu/donate.
    If you prefer to give by mail, download a Friends of the Lied form and mail it to the address specified on the form.
    Making a gift online through KU Endowment is absolutely secure and private. Under our privacy policy, we do not sell personal information or use it for purposes other than the support of KU.