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 Dear friends,

Thank you for helping us bring comfort to so many young patients in our children’s hospital. Fighting a disease or injury is only part of the challenge for kids being treated at our UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center. It’s often just as tough to fight the fear and anxiety that accompany medical experiences.

The items on this Wish List have been carefully selected to help children and their families cope during a stressful time. When you donate a gift — or several — you make a genuine difference in the life of one of our youngest patients. Please be generous! 

With my heartfelt thanks,


Lawrence Rhein, MD, MPH,
Physician-in-Chief, UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center

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"Buzzy" for pain relief

The cute Buzzy device uses a combination of cold and vibration to replace the pain of needlesticks for blood draws or injections and brings smiles with its adorable ladybug or bumblebee shapes.



Chargers, video game controllers, headphones, games and DVDs aren't technically life savers, but they feel like it to the kids.

Music Therapy

Music therapy, provided by experts and tailored to each child’s medical and development status, helps alleviate stress, reduces the perception of pain and helps children express emotion and feel empowered during hospitalization.

Autism & sensory needs kits

Medical experiences make many of us feel uneasy, but for children with sensory disorders, they can be overwhelming. You can help provide a calming effect by sponsoring these bundles A variety of products and tools are proven to have a calming effect during times of high stress. Sets include weighted blankets, squishy balls, tactile discs for therapeutic play, and soothing sound systems.

Digital tablets

When children come in for tests or treatments, they are often anxious or fearful. Tablets (such as iPads) loaded with age-appropriate videos and games distract and entertain them during medical or surgical procedures and help make the experience easier on children and families.

Arts and crafts supplies

Art is terrific for expression of feelings or distraction from difficult experiences. Supplies get used up quickly and the kids are constantly asking for more crayons, markers, paint, and glue sticks.

Feeding pumps for preemies

When babies are born prematurely, they are often unable to coordinate breathing and sucking, so feeding pumps are required to safely deliver nutrition.

Backpacks filled with small toys

When children are abruptly removed from their homes due to suspected abuse or neglect, they need special attention and consolation during their medical journey. You can provide each child with a small backpack filed with comforting toys and diverting activities.

Books for all ages

Reading is one of the few activities that sick kids and their parents can enjoy together, and that precious time can be calming during a medical experience.

Bereavement support

When a family experiences the tragic death of a child, we work with them to create remembrance items -- such as a charm of their child’s fingerprint or a personalized heartbeat song -- and share a variety of resources to help them cope with their grief.

Overnight essentials & breakfast 

For parents who have unexpected stays at the hospital with their children: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, sleep masks, and cozy socks get them through the night, and a simple breakfast fuels them for a day of being strong for their child.

Cooling blanket

Children and adolescents who arrive at the hospital with severe concussions or traumatic brain injury are at risk for brain damage. A cooling blanket can provide neurological protection and reduce the negative effects of trauma, helping children to recover and preserve brain function.


Some children arrive at the hospital without pajamas - either their families can't afford them or they didn't have time to pack - and hospital gowns seem unfamiliar and embarrassing. Cozy, comfy pajamas go a long way toward making sick kids feel better. 

Distraction bundle

Our patients range from newborn through young adulthood, and have very different needs. You can provide the right item for the right kid by sponsoring a distraction bundle that the Child Life team will create and use with each child during their stay. It might be a rattle, teething toy, and sleep sack combo or Rubik's cube and headphones, or some special mix in between. 

Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent permissible by law. We will make every effort to direct your donation toward the item(s) of your choice. If that item is no longer needed, however, we will redirect your gift to our highest priority need.