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Remembering is the heartfelt account of Thea Aschkenase, who survived the death camps and went on to make loving contributions to her family, her community, her new country and Worcester State University. Thea chronicles her happy childhood days in Munich, her teenage years in Italy hiding from the Nazis, her internment at Auschwitz, her voyage to find a home in Israel and her coming to the US to raise her family, eventually becoming a proud US citizen and graduate of WSU.  Thea has spoken to hundreds of young people in the hope they remember and resolve “never again.” This book continues that legacy.

Thea entered WSU in 1994 under the older students program which allows free tuition and no fees to Massachusetts residents, 60 and older. After she received her degree in Urban Studies, cum laude in 2007, she continued on with the Intergenerational Urban Institute, which channels the combined talents of students of all ages in service to the community. Thea is a stalwart member the IUI Hunger Outreach Team.  In Auschwitz, she longed for just enough bread to stop her nagging hunger pains. Now she works with the Hunger Outreach Team to help put food on people’s tables.

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