Graphic Alumni Partnership Donations
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Graphic Alumni Partnership Donations


The University of Houston Graphic Alumni Partnership (UH GAP), an affiliated association within the University of Houston Alumni Association, invites you to make a financial contribution to support our Association.

UH GAP connects the Graphic Design Program and the ever-growing community of professionals and academics who have passed through its studios.  UH GAP raises awareness within the communities it serves about the value of design education and the role of graphic design in society.  We strive to serve alumni, graduates, and the design community at large by:

  • Furthering the profession
  • Promoting the School of Art
  • Highlighting alumni accomplishments
  • Providing scholarships for UH Graphic Design students
  • Increasing awareness - demonstrating value to target audiences
  • Expanding involvement and support for the program

Contributions are tax-deductible and are recognized through the University of Houston.

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