Student Shuttle for 2022-23
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Student Shuttle for 2022-23


You MUST register and purchase a seat in order to ride the shuttle or you will not have a seat.

Registration for the shuttle closes 7 days before the travel date.
If you cannot select the shuttle prices on the next step, then that means registration has closed for that shuttle. If registration has closed, contact Wendy Mohlis to see if there is a seat open on the shuttle you wish to ride.

Wartburg e-mail address: Required Field


Refunds: I understand that I will not receive a shuttle ticket refund if I cancel my shuttle reservation within 7 days of the shuttle travel date. If I request a refund by emailing the Student Life Office at more than 7 days before the shuttle travel date, I understand that I may be charged a $5 processing fee.

COVID-19: If shuttle dates are canceled or rearranged due to changes in the academic schedule as a result of COVID-19, shuttle registrations will be refunded fully with no processing fee.

Schedule: I understand that shuttles must leave on time (please arrive at the shuttle location 15 minutes early for loading), and that if I'm late, the shuttle may not be able to wait for me. All shuttles will pick up or drop off students on the street just south of Cardinal Commons/Grossmann Hall on campus (Third Avenue NW). I realize I must allow for at least 90 minutes between shuttle arrival and flight/bus departure to allow for check-in and security. For flight arrivals, I should allow at least 90 minutes before my shuttle departure for deplaning and baggage claim. The College is not liable if I miss my flight/bus due to inadequate timing.

Weather delays: I understand weather can impact travel plans. I understand that if my bus/flight/travel plans are postponed or rescheduled due to weather, and I cannot meet the Wartburg Shuttle at the scheduled time, Wartburg College will work with me on an alternate transportation plan, but I will be responsible for any overnight lodging and meal costs. If my travel plans change due to personal issues and I miss the shuttle, I will be responsible for my own transportation and costs. (We recommend you arrange your flight so you arrive a day or hours before the shuttle time, as a cushion in case of a delayed flight.)

Communication: I understand that the College may need to contact me at the cell phone number and Wartburg email address I've provided above with important reminders, cancellation information and other travel announcements. It's my responsibility to be checking for messages during travel. 

Choose your travel dates

On the next step you will choose location and payment for each date you wish to ride the shuttle.