ASM Conference 2022
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I hereby consent to share my personal data with the American Society of Missiology, knowing that my personal information will be kept secure and used only for internal purposes. My personal data will be accessible only to web administrators. I understand that I am free to request changes to my personal data or to have it deleted at any time.

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Proof of vaccination will be required to attend this event. Please bring your vaccination card or a picture of it in your phone to be presented at check-in.
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Traveling to a conference such as ours inevitably involves the burning of fossil fuels and the release of emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect and human generated climate change. By opting to participate in ASM’s carbon offset fund, you are contributing to a project of ecological renewal such as tree-planting, reclamation of wetlands, recycling of plastics, renewable energy, etc. The ASM board of directors will select a Christian environmental organization to receive the funds from this year’s carbon offsets contributions. Please consider participating in this important missional effort.