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Friends of Art

​Friends of Art Levels:

$10–$29:                MHC Grad within Last 5 Years
$30–$49:                Individual
$50–$99:                Family/Dual
$100–$249:            Contributor
$250–$499:            Supporter
$500–$999:            Sponsor
$1,000–$1,499:      Fellow
$1,500–$2,499:      Director's Circle Associate
$2,500–$4,999:      Director's Circle Patron
$5,000 and above: Director's Circle Benefactor

All gifts of $1,500 and above include membership in the Director's Circle and an invitation to the annual Director's Circle Art Tour. 

I would like to make an additional gift today to The Mount Holyoke Fund to support the College's highest priorities:

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Image of 'All Souls (Masindi), 2006' Collage by Jane Hammond (1950- )

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