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My Gift is a Tribute

Please provide the information below if you would like us to notify someone of your tribute. In cases where the family has expressed a preference, the UVM Foundation will honor the request of the family when sending acknowledgments for memorial gifts.

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 Find Your Company's Matching Gift Program

Please send your company's matching gift form to:

The UVM Foundation
Gift Records
411 Main St.
Burlington, VT 05401

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Use this section to make a business or corporation donation. The donor information in the previous section should be the contact person for the business

Victory Club Benefits

You may choose to receive various benefits in exchange for your contribution. Victory Club membership benefits are described in detail here. Benefits are only available for contributions of $750 to $10,000 made to the Victory Club Fund with Benefits Fund.

By accepting Victory Club benefits, which includes the right to purchase season tickets with priority seating, your contribution is not eligible as a charitable deduction for income tax purposes. This is due to changes in the federal tax code. Please contact your tax advisor for official tax advice.

By giving to an fund without benefits, your contribution is tax-deductible.

Would you like to accept Victory Club membership benefits?
Would you like to accept Victory Club membership benefits?

If no selection is made, default is to decline benefits.

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