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With more than 25,000 Caltech graduates, the Caltech Alumni Association values alumni volunteer leaders and their desire to bring Techers Together in communities around the world.

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Event Guidelines
By submitting an event for inclusion in Techers Together, please you agree to the following:

1. This event, host(s), and attendees will uphold the Caltech Honor Code

2. The event host, location, and venue are inclusive and welcoming for all Techers. Discrimination of any kind goes against the Caltech Honor Code and cannot be permitted.

3. Fundraising for any business, entity, group, or organization, including Caltech, will not be permitted during the event. (If you are interested in Caltech giving, contact

4. Expenses incurred in organizing and hosting events are covered by the host or participants; no reimbursement is provided by Caltech or the Caltech Alumni Association.

For questions about Techers Together, see the FAQs. Still have questions? Contact

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The Caltech Honor Code shall guide participation in all Caltech Alumni Association events, programming, and digital marketing channels including CAA social media: No member of the Caltech community shall take unfair advantage of any other member of the Caltech community.