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Minissian Memorial Fund
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 Kevin Minissian

Kevin Minissian of Norchem Corporation passed suddenly and unexpectedly on November 23, 2021. For over four decades, Kevin dedicated himself to developing innovative chemistry solutions and advanced water systems for the textile services industry. His commitment to excellence, paired with his passion to serve his customers, earned him tremendous respect and positive influence amongst his customers and colleagues, many of whom became dear friends. His expertise in electrical engineering and biochemistry, coupled with his innovative nature, enabled him to explore “what’s possible” when troubleshooting operational challenges and pragmatically applying advanced solutions to achieve sustainable and scalable outcomes.

When he wasn’t serving customers, Kevin could be found enthusiastically and tirelessly working in his lab to simplify the laundry cleaning and wastewater recycling process for greater efficiency. As part of this effort, he collaborated with Caltech, where he worked actively with Michael R. Hoffmann, the John S. and Sherry Chen Professor of Environmental Science, on an advanced electrochemical project. To carry forward his ongoing passion, Norchem Corporation and the families have established the Kevin Minissian Memorial Fund at Caltech in honor of Kevin Minissian.

Contributions will celebrate his legacy by supporting students in the Hoffmann group who are conducting research in the area of water treatment and recycling technologies. Gifts will help the group continue to explore the use of ultrasonic irradiation, semiconductor photocatalysis, semiconductor electrochemistry, and combinations of approaches utilizing ozone as a supplemental oxidant in order to eliminate chemical contaminants from water and wastewater.

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