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The University Of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University have joined forces to combat extremist hate by creating The Collaboratory Against Hate, a partnership Research and Action Center. The Collaboratory is developing and supporting innovative multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and cross-university research aimed at understanding how extremist hate is generated, how it circulates in online and real-life spaces, and how it polarizes society and provokes harmful and illegal acts, especially toward communities of color and other minoritized groups. Your gift of any amount to the Collaboratory Against Hate General Impact Fund supports this important and meaningful work by helping the Collaboratory develop effective interventions to inhibit every stage in the creation and growth of extremist hate groups and minimize their destructive consequences. CMU has the long-term responsibility for administration of all funds raised for this joint venture.

You can make a gift online to the Collaboratory Against Hate General Impact Fund through the form below or by contacting Tony Gacek, Pitt’s Director of Development for Strategic Initiatives, at or 412-694-4214, for additional giving opportunities.

For more information about the Collaboratory Against Hate, visit their website at

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