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Support our talmidim, Rebbeim, and faculty members' original writing by supporting our Pirchei Yitzchak, Polis, The Academy News, weekly Shema Koleinu, and expanded Shema Koleinu publications.  Sponsor one of these publications to commemorate the yahrzeit of a loved one, request the merit of a refuah sheleimah for someone in need of a recovery, in honor of a student’s work or a beloved faculty member or Rebbe, or in honor of a simcha. Your dedication will be listed in the publication and announced via email to our entire yeshiva community and in our weekly e-newsletter.  Thank you for supporting our talmidim's original work.

●    Pirchei Yitzchak
●    Weekly Shema Koleinu
●    Expanded Shema Koleinu (Yamim Noraim, Pesach, Shavuos, Tisha B'av)
●    Polis
●    Lumiere
●    The Academy News

Please enter the name of the person who this is in honor/memory of (as you would like it to appear in print) under My Gift is in Honor/Memory below.

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$10,000 - Sponsor Shema Koleinu for one year

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