Ministerial Dependents Grant Application

Residential students may qualify for this scholarship if they provide the necessary documentation. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis depending on available funds for the current application year.

You must submit this application annually as a Renewal Applicant with an updated employment verification letter to be eligible for renewal of the award.

Deadline is the first class day of the current semester. See the Academic Calendar for exact dates. Recipients must be unconditionally admitted to HBU and maintain a 2.8 cumulative HBU grade point average and full-time enrollment.

Primary Email: Required Field
Applicant Type Required Field
Applicant Type

Parent Information

Enter the full name of the parent who works in full-time ministry.

Supervisor Information

Enter the contact information for the ministry supervisor of your parent.

Required Documents

Employment Verification

To qualify you must submit a letter on the church/missions organization letterhead employing the parent. The letter must confirm the parent is a current paid, full-time employment on staff and it must be signed by the pastor/supervisor.

Ordination Certificate